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Festival Time

This weekend took us to a neighboring county/town not too far away from our own farmette.  Hence, how we were, "semi-lost", on Saturday.  

It is fall festival season here in Kentucky and this town had it going in full swing.  

Even the dogs I met was named, "Nibbler".  

An umbrella hat could be had for a buck, or two.  Good thing to have, with the unseasonably hot, fall weather.  

The mascot/theme of this festival is a pig and pigs are found everywhere, from porches, sidewalks, and businesses, to right on main the inflatable variety.  

I did have a brief lunch of Greek themed food.  Delicious!  

The real reason for stopping in.....well, our son was selling his handcrafted knives.  

After a few hours he had sold all but three of his collection.  The other three...well, they sold by word of mouth, by the end of the day.   He is a busy, young man.  Going to college, working, and having a small business keeps his time occupied. 
 He is ve…

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