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To Market, To Market

Yesterday morning started off with directing fourteen heifers into a cattle trailer.  My husband was the director, the son a helper, and me....sort of a helper, with a rake in my hand.  The rake was for directional purposes only and my son used a canoe paddle. 
We are professional like that.  
The girl of the house was exempt.  She had all of her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday.  She wasn't up for any of this nonsense.  

We headed out to the stockyards to sell the girls, whom I will miss, I don't mind to say.  

The line was long when we arrived and grew even longer throughout the day.  

Many a fine specimen was located and admired.  

Now, I should report that this is a farm function that I had not attended, until that day.  Secret Agent Farmer Man neglected to inform me that a big breakfast was there for the taking.  I will return in the future and partake of the ham, eggs, bacon, home fries, etc.....
This was quite the social occasion, which I had not anticipated.  Lots of …

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